BettyGaryVacationWe, the pastors of abundant Living Ministries, are grateful for this wonderful family of forgiven people, who desire to live in the abundance of health, friendship, prosperity, and power that our Saviour gives. We live in the knowledge that Christ, in love, pursued us, to liberate us from sin’s grip, not to be controlled by life’s limitations, again.

The message we share, of God’s love and grace, is amazing. We can be called the children of God, without having to earn or pre-qualify, and we are entitled to all the blessings and rights of sons of God. Jesus has paid the full price for this endowment. We are blessed that God has given such great and precious promises, and that we are able to share them with the people of this region.

Much thanks to those who have laboured here before us, and the good report we currently enjoy in Pangman, Ogema, and all the communities we serve. We now have Bible studies, youth activities, and children’s events, as well as outreach services, in our Ogema church, to go along with those in our Pangman base. No doubt, the days ahead will see many miracles, as we share this message in an even wider circle.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith…”

Pastors Gary and Betty Penner