Abundant Living Ministries is an exciting, growing church, nestled in the little village of Pangman, Saskatchewan, Canada. its people love to worship the Lord Jesus. Their singing and praise is exceeded only by their passion for truth – the word of God – and its liberating gospel.

The church is known for its charitable acts to the community and world missions. the concern for children and youth led them to start programs in neighbouring, Ogema, a progressive town, fifteen minutes to the west. In 2007, ALM purchased a church building in Ogema to facilitate youth outreach. Now, a church service is held there on special occasions, as well as concerts and other special events.

It is hoped by the people that this vision will be able to fill the void left by decades of shrinking population and church attendance as the new Saskatchewan grows and unfolds in this millenium, in answers to years of prayers of Christians past and present.